Heavy Side



All aggregates can be delivered in bulk loads, crane bags or 25kg size bags.

Builders sand                                  Type1

Ballast                                               Shingle

Sharp sand                                       Decorative aggregates

Plastering sand                                Top soil


Building blocks
Dense concrete
Medium weight aggregate blocks

Airated blocks from Celcon, Cemex, Plasmore


We stock over 30 different facing bricks from many manufactures including, Ibstock, Wienerberger, Hanson Bricks, Hoskins Bricks, red or blue engineering bricks, special shapes in all bricks available to order.


Builder Ironwork
Joist hangers
Restraint straps
Frame ties
Wall ties


Cement (Plastic Bagged)

White cement
Rapid set


Concrete Reinforcement
A142 Reinforcement mesh & spacers
Reinforcing rod
Cut & bent reinforcement steel to order
Concrete and steel stocked
RSJ's available to order including fabrication


Plaster board                      

Vapour shield
Moisture resistant             

Hardibacker (ceramic tile backing)
Thermal laminate            

Tapered edge

Beads scrim etc.
Dry wall adhesive

Roofing Products
Roofing felt including Torch-on
Roof tiles, several types in stock others available to order from various manufactures.
Roofing batten
​Glass fibre roofing materials

Slabs & blocks

Garden paving slabs in concrete & natural stone
Block paving